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The maize industry is booming. Africa produces a very, very large amount of maize (corn) and still imports two billion dollars’ worth of maize and maize products onto the continent. And all over the world there is a similar big market for the cereal.

There are two main ways to get into this market: farming the maize and milling the maize. For the best of both worlds, your company does both. This diversifies your business options as you can ship both the maize as is, and produce valuable maize flour, which has a very large market as well. This has the added benefit of you being able to direct your assets to the most favorable markets, shifting as they constantly are.

Whether you choose to specialize in milling or decide to mill your own maize, ABC Machinery is the industry specialized company that can provide you with market-leading milling machinery for maize, designed to produce the finest quality maize and corn grit.

ABC Machinery has satisfied clients from all over the world, especially South East Asia, Africa and South America. Their experience and long list of satisfied clients speaks for itself.

One of the categories of milling machinery they offer lies in the 10 to 20 ton per day output range. These are a cost effective solution to milling and do not require much space. These can be installed in even a small barn but are of such good construction that they can be installed outside as well.

Using ABC Machinery’s maize milling machines means getting excellent quality flour. The mills are state of the art and expertly designed. All aspects of a milling company’s needs have been taken into consideration including electrical efficiency. These small scale mill machines for maize will help your company save significantly on electricity as they are especially designed to use a small amount of power and reduce production costs.

10TPD maize flour milling plant to kenya
small scale flour mill machine for maize


There are several parts to the maize milling plant which forms part of the process of producing high quality maize.

The first of these is the cleaning equipment which removes particles like dirt, leaves and the husk to ensure the quality grading of the flour remains high. Also important is the removal of objects which can hurt the machinery such as stones. If the quality grading is not sufficiently high, lower prices will be the result and you stand the risk of losing money which is unacceptable and why it is important to invest in high quality machinery, which is exactly what ABC Machinery offers with their small scale flour mill machines for maize.

Next comes peeling and degerminating which is very important as improper degermination results in what is considered an inferior meal and would result in the meal having a short shelf life and becoming rancid easily. Also, maize products which are not properly degerminated can leave the end-user feeling swollen. The machines are capable of extracting pure endosperm for the finest quality flour.

Finally, production costs are lowered further by the fact that not fewer workers are required to operate the plant as pneumatic conveying is used throughout the plant to transport the maize and products.

These plants are easily installed and operated due to their small size and are ideal for peace of mind and profitability in maize milling.


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